There in that cafe in Sommières yesterday, I managed
> to get beyond "Yes, but..."
> I sat there trying to not have as much fun with the
> day as I knew I was capable of having, and then I
> caught myself doing it.  The moment I did, I was
> able to laugh at myself. And through my laughter,
> I found my body saying "Yes."  Out loud.  Weirdest
> damned thing.
> Everything changed. Background flipflopped into
> foreground and the witnessing, a moment before
> unnoticed, moved front and center and reasserted
> its Self again.  And all it took was getting to
> "Yes."

Had an experience this weekend, which I can relate to this feeling.
Had to do with sitting with someone who was 'reading' my energy, and
noticed how much my energy itself seems to go 'back and forth'. Next,
as I sat with her, I began to notice, how when I acknowledged the
truth of how I felt, the energy in my head settled, thoughts
subsided, a peaceful feeling;
Then she asked me to bring this peaceful feeling in my head, down to
my heart, and feel the energy there...and it seems that's possible,
when you just simply acknowledge the truth of feeling;
Without the feeling of 'but',
Instead, a technique that can be used with eyes open, just feeling
whatever truth you feel, that quiets the brain, and then bring that
feeling of quietness, down into the heart, and just let it sit there;
And feel how this could be the seat of the soul, within the quiet
heart, which is quiet, because it knows the 'Truth', without
the 'but', or activity of searching for something...

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