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> Vaju Moorthy of the Amma Center makes great South Indian lunches
> Fridays, served at Morningstar Studio. In my opinion, the food is
a lot
> better than that at any Indian restaurant in town. Anyone is
welcome. Cost
> is $7. All you can eat. You have to reserve a day ahead of time by
> contacting Coralie Brook (details below). If you ask, she¹ll put
you on a
> list and email you once a week with that week¹s menu. Here¹s her
> announcement:
> Here is the lunch menu for this Friday (May 5) at Morningstar,
catered by
> Vaju Moorthy. As you see, this is very traditional South Indian
food  RSVP
> is required! 
> * Idli  (soft, steamed dumpling made of rice and urad dal)
> * Vada
> * Sambar
> * Coconut Chutney
> * Mixed vegetable Curry (No Cabbage )
> * Sweet and Savoury Kozhukattai  (these are traditionally served
in South
> India for Ganesh Chathurthi, Ganesh's birthday, which is in August)
> * Plain Rice
> * Chai

What, no Masala Dosa?

> To attend, you must RSVP to Coralie Brook by Wednesday evening at
> [EMAIL PROTECTED] or 472-7148. Otherwise, we will ask that you wait
> until the following week and make advance reservation.  That way
there is
> enough food for everyone who comes.*
> Thank you, everyone.
> Coralie Brook

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