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I disagree with this based on my personal experience.
Four years ago I bought a Dell Dimension, I have it going probably 12
hours per day for business. It, too, has performed flawlessly for 4
straight years with zero problems. Finally, at 4 years it is starting
to have some problems-slowing down, stalling a lot more. I'm good at
tweaking it, keeping it clean, tracking down problems with it, and
with all that it's still finally in need of replacement. I am so
impressed with Dell that I am ordering a new one.

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> > +++  Hey Alex, wish I could have a little of the boredom as I have a
> > serious shortage- haven't had any in the last 50 years.
> >      Would you have some time on the weekend to debate on what
> > computer equipment to buy as I am needing to upgrade.
> >      It looks like you have quite a bit of expierience with the
> > subject and would be a great help.  thanks,  N.
> For desktop PCs, I always advise against buying from the big PC
> manufacturers (Dell, HP, Gateway, etc.) because they're usually made
> with proprietary components that are not likely to be as robust as
> brand name components. My current desktop machine, which I bought a
> few years ago, is from , and it has
> performed flawlessly. Quality brand name components (especially the
> motherboard) make all the difference.
> Since there is no standardized form factor for laptops, they are all
> proprietary. Right now I have two laptops. One is an old Dell Latitude
> C610 that I bought as a refurb from . It's
> been fine except for the touchpad going wonky on occasion (a known
> issue with this model). The other one is an Averatec 4200 series that
> I got from , and it has been a fine little machine
> and a lot of computer for not a lot of money. Petra has one too, and
> her only complaint is short battery life.
> 'Zat help?

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