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> > > > > Turns out a Spanish rendition of the National Anthem
> > > > > was a staple of Bush's appearances in his first
> > > > > presidential campaign, sometimes sung by others,
> > > > > sometimes by Bush himself.  And the Spanish version
> > > > > was performed for him at his first inaugural.
> > > >
> > > > Of course, Bush doesn't say above that the national anthem
> > > > should ONLY be sung in English.
> > >
> > > Read it again, Shemp.
> >
> > I did, Judy, and although the reporting says that, that isn't
> > is in quotes.  Read what I wrote, Judy: "...Bush doesn't say
> > above..." indicating quotes.
> "The national anthem should be sung in English--not
> Spanish--President Bush declared Friday" is what's
> called an "indirect quote," Shemp.
> > And, of course, you should realize that reporters often get
> > like this wrong.
> Every report I've seen of this press conference, from
> at least a dozen different media sources, understood
> his remarks that way.  It's hard to understand them
> any differently.
> And here's another *direct* quote, from the NYTimes
> account:
> "Asked at a news briefing in the Rose Garden on Friday whether he
> believed the anthem would have the same value in Spanish as it did
> English, Mr. Bush said flatly, 'No, I don't.'"

I now understand why you get so much wrong, Judy.  You simply don't
understand the English language and/or your innate prejudices make
you misunderstand what you read.

Of COURSE, singing the anthem in Spanish doesn't have the same value
as singing it in English...BUT that's not the same thing as saying
that it shouldn't be sung in Spanish.

Read it all again, Judy, VERY slowly. 

And, hey, reconsider your "indirect" quote comment because this is
at the heart of your confusion.

> So if he thinks it has less value sung in Spanish,
> why did he have it sung in Spanish at his first
> inauguration and his campaign appearances and even
> sing it himself in Spanish?  Was he suggesting that
> his allegiance to this country wasn't as great as
> that of people who prefer the anthem in English?
> Now would you like to comment on his hypocrisy, or
> are you going to continue to try to wiggle out of
> the obvious?

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