The big outrage is that Robert Redford signed the letter!

He is singularly responsible for taking pristine land whereever it
is he lives (Utah?  Idaho?) and built and built and built so that
the whole town looks like a suburb of Los Angeles!

--- In, Vaj <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Dear NRDC Action Fund Supporter,
> We made them blink! Over the last two days, thousands of people
like you
> deluged Senate offices with phone calls of outrage at the 
> Republicans' phony
> proposal to deal with rising gas prices by sending out $100 checks.
> Thanks to an astonishing nationwide outcry, Senate leaders are 
> backpedaling as
> fast as they can from that insulting offer, which would pass even 
> more of our
> taxpayer dollars to the oil companies.
> But here's the bad news: the Arctic National Wildlife Refuge is
> in grave
> danger. Both the House and the Senate are teeing up new bills that
> exploit high gas prices by sacrificing America's greatest
> sanctuary.
> We can stop these pro-oil bills, but we've got to reach millions
> Americans
> with the truth: that drilling in the Arctic Refuge would save 
> consumers only
> one cent per gallon at the pump -- and that's 20 years from now!
> I'm asking you to help us get the word out. It will take you less 
> than 60
> seconds. Go to
> right now and forward a pre-written message from me to six of
> friends and
> family members.
> Be sure they know that sacrificing the Arctic won't do a thing to 
> ease their
> pain at the gas pump. Be sure they know our nation has the power
> cut gas
> prices by reducing demand through cleaner, more efficient cars
> renewable
> fuels.
> Let's make sure Congress hears from the vast majority of
> who want to
> solve the oil crisis by saving, not destroying, our natural
> Thank you for playing such an important part in this campaign.
> Sincerely,
> Robert Redford
> NRDC Action Fund

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