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I wonder what the Muslim world's reaction has
been to the Moussaoui verdict. Are people
surprised by the fact that we're not killing him?
Or do they see the life sentence as more cruel
than execution?

I'm against the death penalty in general, but the
one time I felt it was the kinder, more pragmatic
action was when I read about the life of an inmate
in Marion, Illinois. His life is like that described
for Moussaoui. No human contact. Nothing to
live for. On those rare occasions when this
inmate was around people, he killed them. As
I read about the lives these inmates lead, I'm
struck by the vicious circle of their lives. They
aren't allowed anything that promotes humanity,
so they become more and more inhuman, to which
we respond by denying them their humanity. When
I read about this, I thought, Jeez, maybe execution
has its place. We're not going to change. They're
not going to change. Just end it, and spare us both.

As I said, just random thoughts.
I would think the reactions are as varied in the Islamic world as they are here or any other place else. Some wanted him to go out in a blaze of glory, the death penalty like a true Jihadist and I'm sure others want to see him rot in jail for his crime. As for his jail, had he been given a life sentence in a third world prison it could be far worse. I was watching a program last night about this prison and while he will have only minimal contact with other people he does get incentives for good behavior. Some television time with educational programming and his religious services. One thing is for sure , he will have plenty of time to read his Koran and contemplate it. He created his own destiny.I don't think people like him create themselves in a single life time. I think this is a vicious cycle he was been going through for God knows how long. This very well could be the first time he has been dealt true justice without a death sentence and given the time to contemplate the one thing we truly believes in. This life, lived alone, could be the one thing he needs to turn around. It's his choice.

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