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> > Curtis Mailloux...one of the truly great TM Nazis the TMO ever
> > produced.  After he left the fold, he became as vehemently
> as
> > he had been pro before.  In his time, though , he was awesome. 
> > would regularly "report" people for the most minor TM infractions
> (such
> > as wearing jeans to the Center--horrors!) as well   as  work on
> > occasion to keep people off courses, TTC, etc.  You name it, he
> > reported  it. Must have satisfied some primal urge for power, or
> > something.  His defection really came as not much of a
> surprise...that
> > level of stress most people just can't keep up for very long. 
> I've
> > wondered over the years what became of him too.
> I only knew him from passing but he was at MIU for the several
> when I was there ('75-'79).  Seemed pleasant enough.  I remember
> as being very talkative...that's about it.
> But what you say above reminds me a bit of Pat Ryan who was also at
> MIU at the same time. Ryan also left the Movement and became an
> infamous TM-EX.  I don't want to knock the guy too much but when I
> knew Pat it was when as a 17 or 18 year old he had just arrived at
> MIU and was skeptical and cynical about the teaching and went out
> his way to find out "secrets" and go to meetings that anti-TM
> fundamentalists were holding in town and then corresponding with
> them for years afterwards.  I mention this because years later when
> he then became a TM teacher and then years later left the TMO he
> made it seem that all the revelations about TM that he had come to
> realize were new to him.  The reality was that he was told all of
> this stuff by the fundies about 15 years prior.  So he knew exactly
> what he was getting into and he can't feign innocence about having
> the wool pulled over his eyes by the evil cult.
> Another thing about Pat (and I should say I thought he was a sweet
> kid...kinda  like a puppy dog who would follow you everywhere):
> Pat came to MIU he was illiterate.  That is, he wrote and read at,
> literally, a Grade 2 or 3 level.  To his credit, that first year he
> worked his ass off improving himself and bringing himself up to a
> level where he was pretty much at par with everyone else.  But I
> mention this because: 1) MIU accepted him despite this handicap
> (okay, they were probably desparate for students and this was
> probably their motivation); and 2) teachers, TAs and others at MIU
> helped Pat overcome his illiteracy.  It would be nice that while he
> trashed the TMO and all things TM, he could acknowledge their part
> in helping him overcome his illiteracy.

Fascinating to hear about Curtis and Pat.  I never
knew them as TMers, only afterwards, when they hung
out on alt.m.t posting long, extremely hostile, and
generally quite dishonest anti-TM screeds.

Haven't seen hide nor hair of that old anti-TM crowd
on alt.m.t for some years now.  Man, they were vicious.

I sure wish I'd known what you just said about Pat
having heard the negative stuff from the fundamentalists
*before* he became a TM teacher.

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