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> The big outrage is that Robert Redford signed the letter!
> He is singularly responsible for taking pristine land whereever it
> is he lives (Utah?  Idaho?) and built and built and built so that
> the whole town looks like a suburb of Los Angeles!

Nonsense. I've been to Sundance many times. You can barely see most of the
houses. They're tucked away in the trees. Can't see his at all. The
conference center and ski area are not a blight on the landscape. The whole
thing is rather small, on a winding mountain road at the base of Mt.
Timpanoogas. Climbing that mountain is the most beautiful hike I've ever
done. You start at 7,000' and climb up to 12,000', the latter part of the
hike hand and foot up a steep glacier. Not at all reminiscent of an LA

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