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> I think girish just wants the business empire, which he appears to be
> in line for.  Nader can keep the ceremonial crown and maybe for some
> TBs that will mean something, but from what I hear he has no real
> power over the accounts or on the boards of directors.  With MMY gone,
> can either of them keep donations coming in at $1 million a pop?  I
> dont' think so.  Techniques teaching is pretty much dead.  So
> controlling the various business operations and offshore accounts is
> what matters, and girish looks like the type of guy who understands
> that.  (I don't know, maybe his putting his picture on par with MMYs
> is an attempt to cultivate a guru image in the Indian TMO and maybe
> those people are gullible to buy into that).

Some may, but the guy is pretty deficient in the charisma department. He'd
better learn to "manifest" ash or something. He could afford to pay for
lessons from David Blaine or David Copperfield.

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