--- In FairfieldLife@yahoogroups.com, "curtisdeltablues"
> This post got my attention: "I suspect he's a person of extremes:
> from pro-TM fanatic to anti-TM fanatic, from buttoned-up bowtied
> executive type to grubby street musician..."
> With my clean-cut picture on my Website, why would you describe me
> as "grubby"?

Hi, Curtis.  You can use my name, it's OK.

Didn't mean to step on your vanity.  "Grubby" was
probably not the perfect choice of words as far as
your appearance is concerned, but I had in mind more
the, er, profession itself in contrast to your TM
center chairman position.

Good street musicians are worth their weight in
gold as far as I'm concerned, and I personally prefer
guys in T-shirts and jeans to guys in suits
(especially with bowties, which someone said you
used to wear, apparently in error), so it wasn't a
personal comment so much as a point, again, about
the contrast, which *is* pretty extreme.

> And now a word from Dr. Phil:
> "Goodness only knows what he'll do if he gets tired
> of playing a bluesman.  Will he ever feel free of
> the need to play a role, and play himself for a
> change?"
> Having played Delta blues harp since I was 14 years old, performing
> my art is not a role.  My blues show is a revival of a dying style
> of acoustic blues played in the open air.

I'm sure performing your art is not a role.  I
was referring to your taking the role of street
musician in a dying tradition as a framework for
that performance.

I guess this quote from your Web site from Tom
Marshall is what sort of crystallized that

"Seeing Curtis 'work the street' is an education
in the history of music. Like witnessing a scene
from a Vicksburg Mississippi train station, in
the 1930's."

It's a fine and honorable role, Curtis, but it
*is* a role.  I mean, just for one obvious thing,
you're a white guy.

> The comment about my CD: that I sound like I was slightly holding
> back, was right on.  Since I play all my instruments at once, and do
> not multi-track to correct errors, it is hard to go balls-out
> without having something go wrong somewhere on any given take.  I
> play the pieces in the original weird guitar tunings, so keeping it
> all together is very difficult. So my first CD is a compromise from
> my live performance.

I thought (and said) it was entirely possible
your live performances were different.  But never
having seen you live, I could only comment on the

  It is an honest snapshot of my music though, so if
> you don't dig it you wouldn't be wowed by my live show.  But a note
> in a live show hangs in the air for only a second, so I can take
> more risks and push the emotional edge further.

That seemed to be more in evidence with your harp
playing on the CD, which are superb.

I'm glad you're doing something you enjoy--and are
clearly damn good at--and it certainly is a pleasure
to encounter you again in that very positive context
(which, you'll have to admit, is a lot different from
that of our previous encounters on alt.m.t).

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