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> on 5/9/06 3:09 PM, shempmcgurk at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > In the "Photos" section you have posted two photos of
> > MMY's "girlfriends".
> >
> > What I find interesting is that you named both of them -- fully -
> > both first and last name.
> >
> > Isn't that something new on your part?  If I remember correctly,
> > earlier references that you have made to both of them the
farthest you
> > went was just using their first names: Judith and Linda.
> >
> > Am I correct on this?
> >
> > And, if so, why are you revealing their last names now?
> >
> > Enquiring minds want to know...
> Those two are more public about it. Judith has written a book
which she
> intends to publish after MMY dies; Linda told her story to a
newspaper in S.
> Africa. Other women don't want their name mentioned. Some don't
mind the
> first name mentioned if it's a common name and their identity
couldn't be
> guessed from it.

There's MORE than just these two?

How many others and how did you hear about them?  I know you've
corresponded with some of them...are the ones you corresponded with
the Judith and Linda above?

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