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> Why would this female wait til MMY has dropped his body to publish
a book about this? Is
> there something he could refute/defend, like the fact that he was
not her "boyfriend" and
> just her Guru? HELLO! Geeeeeez, what people will do for a buck!
And oh, by the way,
> EEEEwwwwwwww, couldn't she be a bit more creative? Must be a
bottle blond.
> And does he really give a flying ----? My guess would be an
emphatic NO! The nerve of
> twits. What a joke!
> I spent about an hour alone with MMY in 1971 in Fiuggi Fonte. OMG.
At the end of our
> very private meeting, not another soul around, I told him how I
loved him (like a father,
> brother, friend, Guru). Guess what he did? He got shy like a
little school boy, handling
> nervously, the heap of flowers between us on the tabletop. Yep,
real womanizer. And BTW,
> at 19, I wasn't hard to look at. He sent me happily on my way
without so much as a wink,
> pat on the butt or head, or a "come back and see me sometime". Not
that it was expected.
> One innocent to another.
> I have the utmost respect and appreciation of the highest for this
man who is trying to
> save the world's ass. To those of  you that are sitting there
sniggering, what have you
> done for the world lately?

There are some who sniggle on this forum, but in my experience not

But I have a question for you: Assuming for just a moment that these
accusations were true, how would that change your practise of TM?

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