Since I was on a course where sex was forbidden (sidhaland) it would
have been more human of him to admit that it was not a goal even he
had achieved.  Now I think of it as such a strange instruction, almost
crazy-making.  I mean if God didn't want us to be tempted ,why did he
make our arms so long?

--- In, Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> on 5/10/06 12:55 AM, shempmcgurk at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:
> > --- In, "curtisdeltablues"
> > <curtisdeltablues@> wrote:
> >>
> >> "Are any of the 5+ women that you cite claiming that he took
> >> advantage of them, abused them in any way, or did things to them
> >> against their will?"
> >>
> >> Doesn't that seem like a pretty low bar for a spiritual master?
> >
> >
> >
> >
> > If all the accusations that Rick has reproduced are true, it would be
> > a great disappointment.
> >
> > But I always ask the question: how would the expose of MMY alleged
> > sexual pecadillos affect the practise of my TM?
> >
> > And the answer is: nada.  It should work regardless of the failings or
> > successes of any man, including a guru (who is not my guru, anyway).
> Agreed. And that was my attitude as a new meditator when friends
chided me
> about MMY's "Rolls Royces" and the Beatles' defection. I said, I
don't know
> or care about that, but I love this meditation. I still say that.
And I'm
> still very grateful for MMY's blessings on my life. But I like the
> unvarnished truth. I find it liberating. So when I became convinced
of this
> Sexy Sadie stuff, I naturally began to ponder its implications, often in
> this forum.

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