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--- TurquoiseB wrote:
> my life experiences have shown me that the
> word "truth" is basically an illusion, a name we
> put on our current state of attention and
> point of view. ...

Fairfield Life has given me a strong appreciation
of the malleability of truth. As a result, when I do
the work of Byron Katie, the answers to those first
two questions usually come easily. "Is it true? Can
you absolutely know that it's true?" In that sense,
FFL has been an important part of my growth in
the last five years.

> arguing for your position
> is great if you only have one position. ...
> Two people can be presenting completely
> opposite points of view on a subject and *both*
> of them are correct.

This has led to some maddening exchanges here.
Someone would be taking Rory Goff to task, for
instance, about some claim he made about Brahman
consciousness, and Rory would respond with, "Yeah,
what you say is true, too." It's the Jaimini thing that
Tom Traynor champions.

> That's why I brought up the
> example of the other discussion group I'm a part
> of sometimes where almost all of the participants
> feel this way, and no one argues and tries to
> sell his or her particular flavor of truth. They
> just present their point of view, and then the
> next person presents theirs, and no one tries
> to say that one is better or more correct or
> "more true" than another. I find it refreshing.

I had a few graduate school seminar classes like
that. People would just go around the table and
speak from their points of view (except for the
Asians, who would not speak at all). There was no
discussion, no questioning, no unpacking of the
underlying beliefs that formed those opinions. I
found it boring.

If everyone already accepts that all those points of view
are true, then fine, listen and move on. But sometimes
the dialectic helps people arrive at that conclusion that
all these different perspectives and truths have their

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