--- Rick Archer wrote:
> From a long-time lurker who occasionally posts anonymously:
> >> Wow Rick.
> >>    
> >>     This encounter with Curtis is scaring me. What is wrong  with this woman?
> >> She really has changed the flavor of FFL.

I haven't read every post in this thread, but if I understand
the ones I've read correctly, Curtis paid Judy rather a
backhanded compliment by saying her posts motivated
him to clarify his thinking on alt.m.t. some years ago.
Judy didn't take it as a compliment, and when she asked
him to explain how "your posts pissed me off" was
supposed to be complimentary, Curtis declined to elaborate.

>From there flowed the exchanges in which Judy invited
Curtis to drop it or elaborate, either one, which Curtis
also declined.

Have I got that right? Because I don't see the problem.

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