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> From a friend:
> Rick,
> I so far don't post on FFL as I don't want to expose myself to the
> of thing you're dealing with now, but you asked for feedback and
> get it.
> What you said in your post about how you see the situation, i.e,
> Curtis trying to be friendly, I thought, too, Judy immediately
> taking advantage of the opportunity to start yet another endless
> argument where she strokes her ego over and over and over by
> responding brilliantly over and over and over to whoever she's
> fucking with this time.

But this simply is not factually accurate.

Curtis's first post here was *not* "trying to be friendly"
in his responses to my earlier comments about him.  It
wasn't outright rude, though, and I responded cordially
because I did *not* want to start an argument.

In response, he laid his snarky "compliment" on me, and
I made the very brief comment that he had apparently not
changed.  As far as I was concerned, that was the end of

But *he* decided to pursue it, even after I suggested
that was a bad idea--again, because I didn't want to
get into an argument with me.

> I had a short go round with her on amt many years ago - her game
> interest me at all, and I stopped replying to her needles and jabs
> are intended to suck you in to her endless worthless game, and
> an email filter in my email software to put her crap in the trash
> it belongs.  have done the same with her on this forum but read
> posts and tuned into this situation with Judy, Curtis, now you,
etc., a
> little largely because I was/am so pleased with Curtis Mailleaux's
> very mature and clear minded and genuinely well intentioned attitude
> (*this* is a sure sign of spiritual growth, in my opinion), as
> contrasted greatly with the way he came off the last time I tried to
> strike up a conversation with him on amt.
> anyway, that's my take, as much as I care to devote time and
> to it tonight, anyhow.
> feel free to quote any part of this email as long as you keep my
> identity anonymous re: this particular situation.
> thanks for keeping this forum up, Rick.  it really makes me feel
> I've got a peer group I can relate to and that is a help to me. 
> much of the chatter is pretty high level, and makes lots of sense,
> is always a welcome thing in the world as so much of it doesn't
seem to
> make much sense.
> carry on, sir!
> and thank you.

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