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> --- Rick Archer <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>
> wrote:
>> on 5/12/06 10:22 AM, Peter at
>>> Oh my God! I am speechless! A great Monty Python
>> bit!
>>> I can't wait to see Tony cruise around in a circle
>> on
>>> the "grand" three times a day.
>> In case anyone missed it, the entire script for this
>> thing was dictated by
>> MMY. I can just hear him saying "starry hats and
>> starry shirts."
> I guessed as much. I love MMY and always will, but
> he's  gone a bit crazy. What does all this stuff have
> to do with Realization?--nothing!

Even back in Rishikesh we was putting funny hats on Mia Farrow and coming up
with impossible schemes. It's just his thing. He's wildly creative, but
seems to enjoy creativity for its own sake, rather than for some practical,
achievable outcome.

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