on 5/12/06 2:07 PM, feste37 at [EMAIL PROTECTED] wrote:

> Beaten up by everyone and their dog, the amazing Ms. Stein battles on.
> I like you, Judy. You may not know it, but you are part of my cyber world. I
> just
> wish you were chair of some investigating Congressional committee so you
> could grill some people in Washington who have got away with far too much
> for far too long. FFL is just a game in some obscure cyber corner, but there
> are people out there in the real world who are doing us all real  harm, and I
> wish you could be the tenacious junkyard dog that exposes them and finally
> brings them down.

I like you too, Judy, for what it's worth. Don't let my recent comments
suggest otherwise. You write great stuff sometimes. You would really rock if
you could stick to that stuff and drop the bickering, but I guess none of us
can help being who we are.

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