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[quoting me]
> > One person, Mike Hutchinson, has had the guts to
> > come out of lurkdom and buck the mob mind, apparently
> > because he actually read the posts in the exchange.
> I'd like everyone hear to search their memories,
> and try to figure out exactly *who* it is on FFL
> who consistently appeals *to* "mob mind." Who is
> it who actively calls on other posters to put
> down the ones she doesn't like? Who is it who
> praises other posters here when they "pile on"
> to someone she has just trashed? Who is it who
> actually writes diatribes berating the people on
> FFL for *not* "standing up" to me and others she
> doesn't like, suggesting that they're somehow
> failing on their god-given duties to do so?

The hypocrisy of this post from Barry is so
extraordinary it went right by me the first time
I read it.

Aside from the lie that I've done this to more than
one poster--that one being Barry, of course--and the
lie that I "praise" other posters for "piling on"
after I've criticized him, and that I claim it's
their "god-given" duty to trash him--notice that in
this post, Barry does PRECISELY what he criticizes me
for doing (including the things I *don't* do).

Nor is this the only post in which he has done so.

He is, in fact, describing his own posts attacking me.

This is spiritual and moral corruption of the very
highest order.

> And now, when a few people are coming out of the
> woodwork and saying what they think of her and
> her tactics, suddenly it's "mob mind."
> Well live with it, babe. You cultivated this mind-
> set here, and now it's aimed at you. Doesn't feel
> good, does it?
> Personally I am *heartened* that a few people have
> spoken up. I was beginning to wonder what people
> really felt. Now I know.
> But my sincere advice to those who have spoken up
> to Judy at this point and told her what they think
> of her is that they should now LET IT GO.
> The horribly damaged ego that does these things
> WANTS you to keep interacting with her and arguing
> with her. It is how it keeps itself alive. She
> *thrives* on people arguing with her, and her ego
> thus getting another chance to assert itself and
> prove itself "right" and the others "wrong" and
> deserving of only contempt. It's the whole game
> that keeps her able to keep doing this shit.
> It's a kind of co-dependency.
> LET IT GO. The longer we fall for her goading and
> get into head-to-head confrontations with her, the
> sicker she gets. Out of COMPASSION, don't give her
> what she wants. When she tries to provoke you into
> a fight, turn the other cheek, or butt cheek, if
> you have to get in one last dig before walking away.
> But DO walk away.
> In my considered and battered opinion, having dealt
> with this woman for over ten years, it's the best
> thing you could possibly do -- for your own state
> of consciousness, and for hers.

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