Religion is poison.

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> To those who read this post.
> I am an English psychic who has written a book about the spiritual
> message of 9/11. It is a book where no religious group or political
> group can claim the moral high ground.
> The problem I have in regards to this book is getting it of the
> and making the public aware that it is here, and that it can
explain why
> 9/11 happened, and how it all came about.
> And more importantly the book has the spiritual message of hope
for the
> future (individually ) for all within its pages.
> If I post on a site that has a religious grouping I am condemned
as off
> message, on one site I was called evil based on how I wrote the
> god, (not in caps) and on all of them in general I am patronised
> basically told to go away and take my delusions with me and get
> religion.
> Then on the other hand when I post on sites discussing 9/11 where
> that days inconsistences in regards to the truth of what the
> have told the people of the World and not just America, I am
classed as
> just a religious nut, and they can be just as patronising as those
> the religious sites.
> I am to the best of my knowledge neither delusional or a religious
> Unfortunately for Americans the book points out that 9/11 came
> because god decided that it was time for America to learn some hard
> lessons in life,,, and so god made sure that the attackers on the
> were successful in their mission and they suffered no setbacks.
> Remember when information on the hijackers, and how they seemed to
> walk in and out of the country, and then just wander around freely,
> going about their deadly business without being detected surprised
> shocked Americans. I explain why they seemed irrelevant and almost
> invisible to all in the book.
> This book joins the practical to the spiritual of that day.
> In my post to both religious and practical 9/11 sites I have
> people in the direction of my website
> <>  where I have a copy of a
> judgement in regards to when I was caught speeding on New Years
eve 1995
> on the Joshua highway in 1995. (downloadable)
> I have repeatedly said that the speeding judgement is spiritually
> connected to the events of 9/11, not one person has attempted to
> me sensibly or rationally on this in reply post,,,, it is as
though they
> know that they cannot take me on in regards to this, because it is
> beyond their comprehension that a speeding ticket received by an
> Englishman in Arizona in 1995 can be spiritually relevant to that
> extraordinary day in history, 9/11.
> IT IS A CHALLENGE TO ALL! both religious and practical minded
> from god. On this issue god has thrown down the gauntlet. And
> But both religious and the practical minded people avoid this
> Also in the book I give the spiritual message of why god arranged
> designed our solar system so that when the moon passed between the
> and earth it fitted perfectly.
> Religion does not have all the answers, and neither do those
people who
> consider themselves above religion.
> This book is the meeting point between the religious world and the
> practical world!
> It needs people to read it,,, not to make me rich or famous,,, but
> prevent the same mistakes being made again in both America and the
> world!
> I also have some spiritual lessons on the events surrounding
> Katrina,,, and the inquiry's into 9/11 and the Columbia shuttle
> disaster,,,, and the inquiry that never took place into the vote
> that have allegedly taken place regarding the targeting and
denying of
> some black Americans and their right to vote.
> This is not a one subject one dimensional book just about 9/11, it
> many spiritual lessons that are meant to help all within it.
> But 9/11 was a point in time where god has just basically said
> "enough is enough I will now show you who really pulls the
> strings in this world, and in this universe"
> And it is not the practical politicians and it is not the
> religious leaders!
> If you read my website please take your time in looking it over,,,
> are many things there that escape the eye if you rush it through.
> Details of my book and how to obtain it at discount can be seen on
> website <>
> To those moderators and site owners that think because I am
> pushing a book/product,,, I ask them to think about it if they
want to
> not post this message,,, I am bringing about something that needs
to be
> talked about,,,, this may be the only way it can be brought into
> open/light.
> I wish everyone the best.
> James

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