Jesus came to me in a great vision and said, don't believe a word of
the Bible. I believe Jesus.

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> Jesus: A Prophet?!!  Not Divine?!!
>   I know it sounds blasphemous the first time you hear it, but in
reality it is more demeaning to call God a human!  God literally
contained in a man  named Jesus?  God needing sleep? God needing
food? God falling on His Face in prayer?  to whom? God going to the
bathroom? God being born from between the legs of a woman? God at
the mercy of His enemies; being spit upon, beaten, mocked? God
dying? God a man? No! And Jesus never claimed to be more than a man
sent by God, sustained by the mercy of God and bound in obedience to
>   If we wish to follow Jesus let us look at what Jesus taught, not
Paul.  There is much confusion over which verses in the Bible are
authentic and which are not but  we can still try to locate the true
message of Jesus. Jesus refers to himself as a prophet upon many
occasions; Mark (6:4) and Luke(13:33) for example.  Jesus 'speaks
not on his own authority'; John (12:49), (4:4) and (7:16) for
example.  Jesus denies perfect (full) knowledge: '...I know not the
Hour but the Father in heaven Only Knoweth...'(Matthew). Neither did
Jesus say: 'saved by my blood'. He described 'keeping the
commandments and having faith' as the road to heaven; Matthew (22:37-
40), (4:10), (5:20), (15:7-9), (19:17), Luke (13:3) and John (17:3),
>   We Muslims raise Jesus up to a higher standard of respect than
Christians do.  You might ask, "How is that so?".  First of all we
honor Jesus in truth not in a myth.  We revere him as a mighty,
courageous, God-fearing, obedient Prophet of God the Almighty. 
Jesus lived his life in accordance with the will of God.. 'the one
who sent me'. We believe Jesus was chosen by God. This is a great
honor indeed!  Chosen by God to deliver the Divine Message.  We also
avow that he was born of a virgin, Mary.  (A fact which many
university educated Christians do not believe!) Note that Joseph is
not to be found in the  Islamic literature. We are told in the Quran
that Jesus spoke from the cradle to defend his mother from the
accusations of fornication. The Quran also states that Jesus
fashioned a bird out of clay and it came alive by the will of God. 
He healed blind men and  lepers and raised a man from the dead , all
by the will of God.  And, yes, he spoke with authority.  God gave
>  him the authority.  All the prophets were authorized to carry out
Gods' mission for them and God gave each prophet special talents and
miracles in order to enable them to carry out His plan.  We are not
Muslims if we do not honor and believe in Jesus as a mighty prophet
of God. 
>   Remember... I said that we believe Jesus will be returned to
>   But what do I believe Jesus will do when he returns?     
>   Muslims expect Jesus to come again to set the record straight
about his being a prophet and not one of a trinity, nor the Son of
God.  We expect him to live among the Muslims for years in peace
after  killing the Anti-Christ .  He will be the leader of the
believers and will pray and judge according to Islam , which is and
always has been the religion of all the prophets since Adam.
[Remember Islam means submission to the One and Only God.] At this
time all the people will know the truth about him and there will be
one religion and peace will reign until the time God will decide. 
His coming is one of the major signs of the Last Hour (the Day of
Judgement).  But it will not be over yet.  God Alone knows its time.
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