Dear Fairfield Lifers,

For those who have long been on the path, who have long been meditating,
who have long been transcending, who have perhaps even become attached
or at least acclimated to "being on the path" is often valuable to
hear messages like the following:

The Lie That You Are Separate From Truth
Excerpt from her book: The Diamond In Your Pocket
by Gangaji

At some point in a blessed life there arises the desire for truth.
Not just "my" truth, but real truth, final truth, eternal truth...
But, when we see that all our sophisticated techniques are useless
in fulfilling true spiritual desire, we tend to regress to simple

We may even yell a prayer: "Help me, take me, show me."  This prayer
is close, but even this doesn't usually work, because we are so ab-
sorbed in our yelling that we neglect to see that what we are yelling
for is already here.

The yelling doesn't work, so we try something else.  This is called
the cycle of reincarnation.  It is a daily cycle, a monthly cycle, a
yearly cycle, a whole lifetime of cycling in and out, in and out, and
failing, failing, failing.

Yes, there are beautiful glimpses of truth along the way, moments of
joy, union, understanding, and wisdom.  But the moment these exper-
iences end, we begin yelling again, or searching again, or trying again.

Many people misunderstand what it means to "call off the search".  It
does not mean to give up the desire for truth.  It means to stop search-
ing for truth, and to stop relying on the mind to orchestrate how truth
will be revealed.  It means to give up the arrogant belief that you will
somehow locate truth and bring it to yourself.

This belief is based on the lie that you are separate from truth.

When this lie is believed very strongly, it creates further experiences
of the lie, until finally you recognize that all the yelling, all the
searching, all the figuring out, the gathering of more and more exper-
iences, just leave you with attention on the search rather than on what-



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