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> > > The thing I like most about the hippy/LSD revolution is that
> > > it was all started by the CIA looking for a truth drug, they
> > > performed experiments on volunteers, one of whom was Ken Kesey
> > > author of "one flew over the cuckoos nest". He loved it and
> > > after reading "stranger in a strange land" by Heinlien he
> > > started a really wild commune and toured america on a old bus
> > > giving out LSD to all and sundry, the rest is history. Just
> > > wish I'd been there.
> >
> > Remember that old saying, "If you can remember the
> > Sixties you weren't there." I was there -- not on
> > the bus (Further was its name) but at a few of the
> > original Acid Tests -- and unfortunately the old
> > saying is true...I can't tell you much about them. :-)
> >
> Alot of those CIA experiments were done at the Royal Victoria
> Hospital in Montreal and it really fucked up alot of people (of
> course, they were mentally ill to begin with, so who knows how
> damage was done...or, indeed, whether they ended up better than
> they started?)

The CIA did a lot of dubious experiments, some on the general
public. In one I read about they set up a fake brothel with two-way
mirrors and doped the hapless punters with acid to test their
reactions. Apparently there were a lot of dangerously deranged
people wandering about, including a CIA agent who had some acid
slipped into his coffee as a joke, apparently the entire staff spent
the day searching for him! Nice to know what your tax dollar is
spent on eh?

Sadly I doubt wether any mentally ill people would end up better
after a good trip, it does tend to lay bare any underlying problems
you have.

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