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> > > The trans-Saturnian planets move very slowly.  What impact do
> > > really have if any?   What impact do any of the grahas other
> >the
> > > Moon and the Sun really have on the earth?  When there are
> > > conjunctions they will make the earth wobble a bit more but
> >is all
> > > which means you have to apply some complex perturbation
> >to get
> > > their positions correct within a few seconds.  Some think it is
> >the rays
> > > of the planet that cause the effects determined by Jyotish but
> >that
> > > would really make the trans-Saturnian planets  insignificant. 
> >I said
> > > before the planets may be nothing more than markers for
> > > rhythms in nature say for instance a 12 year rhythm tied to
> >Jupiter.
> > > Dashas could also be mappings of the rhythms.   As for someone
> >question
> > > about why "yagyas" work, perhaps because they help bring us "in
> >tune"
> > > with these circadian rhythms.  Usually we have disasters in our
> >lives
> > > when we are in conflict with the planets.  Remedials bring us
> > > alignment with their effects or perhaps the circadian rhythms
> > > represent.
> > >
> > >
> >
> >*****************
> >
> >The planets/grahas do not really generate anything -- it's just a
> >matter of one's karma returning home:
> >
> >MMY, SBAL, "Karma and the art of being" ~p. 128
> >
> >"...the vibrations set forth by the performance of an action
> >around the doer, striking against everything in the surroundings,
> >traveling far and wide. They strike against everything on Earth,
> >the moon, the sun, and the stars, and keep on traveling in the
> >entire field of the universe, influencing everything that they
> >across. How they influence depends upon the quality of the action
> >and the force of the performance.
> >The reaction created by the striking of these vibrations against
> >different things in the universe travels back to the doer as a
> >rubber ball thrown against a wall bounces back to the player.
> >Obviously, a reaction returns to the doer more quickly from the
> >nearby surrounding area but takes a longer time to come back from
> >great distances."
> >
> > 
> >

> You're not suggesting karma can bounce off of Jupiter and Saturn
or even
> Uranus, are you?


I'm sure your karma will knock you on Uranus...

Western science has not even isolated the force carrier of gravity
(the graviton -- http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Graviton ), an obvious
force of nature that everybody sees every day. So if you are
confident that not being to detect with machinery the forces of
karma (far subtler than gravity) which many Vedic sages (and Jesus
too, who said whatever you sow etc) have described as explanation
for the good and bad that shows up in one's life, and this inability
to measure with maches thereby invalidates Jyotish/karma, then your
confidence in guys with lab coats is simply misplaced -- total
awareness that Vedic sages enjoy (like Maharishi Patanjali,
Parashara and other unfolders of Jyotish) is the only tool to really
know how the universe's most subtle aspects work (although there is
also evidence from correctly done (using reliable Jyotish software
like Parashara's Light and the standard texts of Jyotish) Jyotish
charts, whose accurate predictive ability supports the authenticity
of Jyotish claims).

Bob Brigante

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