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> This is a question for anyone who has officially been instructed in
at least two advanced
> techniques:
> So here's my question; If someone has been properly instructed in
the TM technique, is there
> any reason that someone should consider paying $3000 for an adv.
technique, if he could
> just as easily go to minet.org, and get his new technique for free
(i.e simply update his
> mantr..)??
> Unless, the technique requires special instruction (which I know
for a fact is unecessary after
> having been insrtucted in one advanced technique) I see no
reason ...
> Any thoughts, anyone?
> S

FWIW, I recall a guy here in F-land, East of Sweden, asking
whether he could return to the basic technique. He obviously didn't
like the advanced technique mantras. I think the answer
was something like that it shouldn't be done.

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