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>       In a Pure Capitalist economy, things are dictated purely by 'Demand and Supply'.  In
a competitive field where there are 40,000 TM teachers and other Spiritual cults,
>       Is it wise for the TM-org to fix such high, exorbitant price for TM..??
>       I think, Somebody is misguiding Maharishi.??

Nope. MMY's stated goal is to appeal to elitist snobs because they run the world. Leaving
aside questions about whether or not TM will be of value to them (and thereby of greater
value to the rest of the world because the rich and elite are getting something out of their
TM practice), the decision to charge lots of money for TM practice to appeal directly to the
elite is perfectly valid and sane.

I mean, do you think your average CEO surfs the net to find minet and learns to meditate
from a website, as an extreme opposite-end example? Even if they did, do you think that
the CEO of IBM would instruct his employees to go to the same website, or would he hire
expensive consultants to teach in-house? Keep in mind that he has to justify ANY expense
by documenting it to the board of directors. Where's the 30 year's research on the minet
technique documented? Can you PROVE to the accountant's satisfaction that the minet site
instructions have the same effect as TM? Can he prove that setting aside 20 minutes
twice-a-day to practice minet meditation is justifiable? He MAY be able to do it with TM,
but not with the website technique, regardless of whether or not there is a measureable
difference between them. No-one is going to sponsor the measurements in the first place
so the assertion can never be proven to the accountants' satisfaction.

Jacking the price of TM up may be a horrible mistake, but it certainly makes sense from a
marketing point of view.

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