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> > Funnily, though, as a kid my favourite "syrup" was corn syrup for my
> > pancakes.  I wonder if that was the same as what they use to sweeten
> > everything today...
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> +++ No- The hfcs is a later developement which everyone should stay
> away from.  N.

Looks like HFCS is basically the stuff in original Karo that has been
processed further:


Starch, suspended in water, is liquified in the presence of acid
and/or enzymes which convert the starch to a low-dextrose solution.
Treatment with another enzyme continues the conversion process.
Throughout the process, refiners can halt acid or enzyme actions at
key points to produce the right mixture of sugars like dextrose and
maltose for syrups to meet different needs. In some syrups, the
conversion of starch to sugars is halted at an early stage to produce
low-to-medium sweetness syrups. In others, the conversion is allowed
to proceed until the syrup is nearly all dextrose. The syrup is
refined in filters, centrifuges and ion-exchange columns, and excess
water is evaporated. Syrups are sold directly, crystallized into pure
dextrose, or processed further to create high fructose corn syrup

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