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> > > Hello,
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> > > I am new here...
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> > > Howmany governors and/or sidhas are actually on here?
> >
> > Hard to say. There are many avid lurkers. Also, there are many
> sign up
> > and then forget about it and never read the stuff.
> > >
> > > Howmany live in Faifield?
> >
> > Quite a few, but most active posters are out of town.
> > >
> > > Do people feel comfortable discussing some of the minet.org
> documnents...?
> >
> > Sure, but few here have a TM-Ex orientation. Most of us don't see
> the world
> > in black and white, and just want to know the truth about things,
> which is
> > always mixed. At least that's my attitude.
> >
> Hi -- am an occasional lurker (except for one post) and find Rick's
> answer to sum up my position pretty well.  Am, or was, a governor,
> having since explored many other "paths".  Thankful for my
> with TM, and thankful for many others since.  Feel free to discuss
> anything about TM, etc., just don't take the time to add my input
> I enjoy the open discussion about various viewpoints and topics
> although often get lost in the FFL posts as there are a few people
> here who seem to know each other well and have a long history with
> each other, and so the references are often hard to understand if
> don't have that history.
> There has been an ongoing process of keeping what is useful to me
> MMY & TM & TMO and letting go of what is not and in the past few
> FFL has played some sort of role in that.  Although there is much I
> cannot embrace about the TMO (which seems to have something akin
to a
> fundamentalist religion attitude of this is the best, right, only
> and if you deviate from that you are doomed)

Yep, the TMO's corporate culture could stand some improvement.

Fortunately or otherwise, the members of that organization are held
almost magnetically to Maharishi, through their desire to gain what
he has; his 'Maharishi-ness'.

The contrast there, between the Self realization of Maharishi and
the Self realization of the members of the TMO is great enough that
they find themselves rigidly adhering to whatever he says. His
personality, Indian culture, reflection of his Master, and dharma in
the warrior caste play a part as well.

But the main thing is the gulf that separates their consciousness
from his. Much like we control the actions of a child when it is
very little, and less so when it begins to understand the ways of
the world. Similarly, they are rigidly controlled now, and hence
rigidly control themselves and those around them. Once they grow up
some, if the TMO still exists, this should lessen. There are
probably pockets of greater spiritual maturity within the TMO, but
that is pure speculation on my part.

Maharishi, through Guru Dev, is a very, very powerful man, whose
goal is to bring enlightenment to the world. Not an easy task,
though he has enlarged his consciousness through the guidance and
grace of Guru Dev to be able to do so. Those around him are so
deeply fried as a result, they also need the rigidity of action and
absolute adherence to rules to avoid going crazy.

I hope that they are enjoying themselves along the way!

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