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> I've been researching the whole phenomenon of
> fueling a diesel vehicle on waste vegetable oil.
> Seeing as how Fairfield used to have more than
> its share of innovators and alternative lifestylers,
> I figured I should do a little networking here, as
> well as in forums dedicated to that topic. Anyone
> here doing it? Know anybody who is?
> Thanks.
+++ Tom Niedermeyer has a VW turbo diesel bus that smells like french
fries when it starts- a real laugh.
    I helped him making an auxiliary tank so he could start on regular
fuel and then switch to cooking oil.
    We put in a hot water loop in the tank to preheat the oil in the
colder weather as the oil doesen't have the usual additives to prevent
the large viscosity changes that otherwise take place.
   There are a few others around but Tom's is the only one I've seen
up close. 
    I would wonder if the point wouldn't be reached soon where more
people are driving diesels than are eating french fries.  N.

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