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> 'Favourable turn' coming up for Dutch economy 

> 21 March 2006
> AMSTERDAM — The public's spending power, investment and exports are
> set to rise this year as an exceptionally long period of recession
> seems to be ending for the Dutch economy, a government agency has
> predicted.
> The macroeconomic think tank CPB said the economy will
> take "favourable turns on several fronts in 2006".
> "A novelty in this century: the Dutch economy will probably grow
> faster than the economy of the euro area," the CPB said in a preview
> of its Central Economic Pan 2006 on Tuesday. The full report (in
> Dutch only) will be made  available on 5 April.
> Growth in consumption, investments and exports is also expected to 
> pick 

> up. The competitive position of Dutch trade and industry is
> improving, for the first time in six years. "Exports will gain
> momentum as a result of growth recovery in Europe. Furthermore, the
> Dutch competitive position may improve somewhat, after five years of
> decline," according to the report.
> The CPB said economic growth is estimated at 2.75 percent this year
> and can accelerate to 3 percent next year. "The labour market also
> shows positive changes. Employment has been rising since the end of
> 2005 and unemployment is falling. These developments seem to continue
> this year and the next, and may even become more intense."
> The public's purchasing power will grow by 1 percent in both 2006 and
> 2007, although there will be large differences between households.
> The government budget will almost be in balance next year, the CPB
> said.
> "As of this year, domestic expenditure will also make an important
> contribution to the development of the Dutch economy. Consumption
> will increase by 1.25% in both 2006 and 2007, thanks to the recovery
> of purchasing power and the upsurge in the labour market," the CPB's
> researchers predicted.
Didn't the Dutch change their immigration policies too?


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