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> >> I better change my screen name fast!
> >
> > People will know who artxpertartpro is? I guess if you're an art
expert or
> > professional artist and you're newly arrived in town, someone may
put 2 + 2
> > together.
> It's a shame that there are so many people around who experience fear
> because of what a strange, insignificant little cult may do to them.

Part of the reason that I use "Shemp McGurk" (aside from the fact that
it really is a cool moniker if one is to have an alias) is for the
reasons you state above but also because I don't want to be "shunned"
by people in the TMO who ARE hard and fast cult members but that I do
love and will not be welcome as their friends if ever I was identified.

Why go through the bother if I don't have to?

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