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> > You would be referring to yourself, of course, a moron who
dumped TM
> > in favor of Amma, a knucklehead who attracts other knuckleheads
> > think kissy-facing thousands of people means something?
> Cute one Bob. You're such a warm, fussy guy. When Amma comes to
LA, you
> should go and get a big hug. Sounds like you need one.
> Right now I'm working on a little talk summarizing Amma's
> activities, that I'm going to give tonight at a fundraiser. Might
> appropriate to post it here. Perhaps you can respond with a list
of similar
> activities that the TMO has ACTUALLY ACCOMPLISHED with the far
> financial resources at their disposal:
> "As a child, I always wanted to know the cause of misery of
mankind and
> thought that if sorrow is a truth, then there must be a cause and
a way
> out."

> She would share her food with the starving, and she would bathe
and clothe
> the elderly who had no one to look after them. She was often
punished for
> giving away her own family's food and belongings to the poor, but
> compassion was such that nothing could deter her.

> " I realize my purpose is to console - to personally wipe away
tears through
> selfless love, compassion, and service." - Amma

> Amma has inspired innumerable humanitarian activities all over the
> Some of them are

> Social:
> ·     free food and clothing programs,
> ·     free homes for the poor and the needy, 25,000 so far;
100,000 by 2012.
> ·     Orphanage ­ 500 children
> ·     widows' pension scheme, 50,000+ women, given for life.
> ·     Older Care Homes
> ·     Speech and Hearing
> ·     free legal advice for the poor ­ over 1000 lawyers
> ·     Earthquake, Tsunami, and Hurricane Relief

> Medical
> ·     charitable hospitals,
> ·     hospices,
> ·     medical camps,

> Education
> ·     Amrita University
> ·     Medical College
> ·     Computer schools
> ·     Management School
> ·     Engineering Institute
> ·     Software Training
> ·     Industrial Training
> ·     Pharmaceutical Sciences
> ·     Primary School
> ·     Nursing School

> The list is long and growing everyday.

> In response to each of these tragedies, Amma¹s helping hand
reached out to
> those in need.

> Kashmir Earthquake: Two disciples, along with devotees from the
> Ashram, immediately traveled to the region to console villagers
and to
> distribute food and other aid to victims, including hundreds of
> which were sent from Amritapuri. The Ashram also met with
> officials and expressed a desire to adopt 2-3 villages.

> Asian Tsunami: Amma pledged $23 million in aid for India ­
including 3 lakh
> for Sri Lanka. The overall efforts are truly massive and
widespread: from
> providing immediate aid in the form of temporary shelters, food,
> medical assistance, and basic needs, to long term projects which
include the
> construction of 6,200 new homes, distribution of 700 new boats, and
> providing vocational training, education, and pensions to those in
need. The
> Ashram was also the first NGO in India to complete construction of
> homes.

> Hurricanes Katrina and Rita: Amma pledged one million dollars in
aid and
> assistance to those affected by Hurricanes Katrina and Rita.
Devotees who
> were trained medical experts traveled to Louisiana to help. Food,
> school supplies, and other items were collected from all over the
> and distributed to evacuees.

> In 2001, an earthquake destroyed many villages and killed 3,000
people in
> Gujarat.: In Gujurat, Amma¹s immediate response was to send a 12-
> medical team from AIMS Super Specialty Hospital. And students from
> various colleges. The groups worked day and night - saving 40
lives from a
> collapsed school, delivering many babies. The Ashram adopted and
> rebuilt three villages‹constructing some 1200 earthquake-proof
> medical clinics, water tanks, schools, community halls, temples
and mosques.

> In July 2005, almost three feet (944mm) of rain fell in 24 hours
in Mumbai,
> resulting in massive flooding: The Ashram sent a medical team to
Mumbai in
> response to the flooding. The team spent three weeks visiting slum
> distributing medicines and treating over 32,000 victims for
> diseases. The Ashram also served food at the relief camps

> In June 2004, a fire at a school in Tamil Nadu, took the lives of
nearly 100
> children and left countless others injured: Brahmacharinis from
> visited to help in the hospitals where victims were being treated.
When Amma
> heard about the impoverished living conditions of some of the
families, She
> immediately decided to provide new homes.

> Amma very much involved in all these projects in addition to many
> daily giving Darshan.

> Amma has often said that while it may be someone's karma to fall
into a
> well, it is our karma to assist them.  Today, Amma¹s efforts to
> pain and suffering extend to all parts of the globe.

Rick, with all due respect: You didn't need to join up with a
hugging guru-ette in order to see all the above accomplished.  The
Catholic Church has been doing all of the above for centuries.

In fact, one of the reasons I was attracted to the TMO and MMY was
precisely because he wasn't being caught up in all that.  It
certainly has its place and is important of course but the concept
of that basic source of life being contacted and, naturally, all
else being added unto it does have an appeal.

And an organisation that aspires to promulgate that very important
message wouldn't and shouldn't have to sacrifice any of its precious
limited finite resources to doing anything but that.

That's why I'm so pissed off at the TMO/MMy wasting their time with
all the silliness of peanut butter, vedic agriculture schemes etc.
etc.  The limited resources should be reserved for promulgating TM.

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