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> > Given that he was sorta the quasi-guru guy, deciding not to see
> the guru after finishing a
> > workshop created by the guru DOES feel a tad off...
> In these days MMY was the Guru with the big G and the Master with
> the big M - but sorry, my nose said No - and the other senses said
> NO - so I just could not set my foot into the building again - even
> if MMY was there.
> Ingegerd
> >

/shrug Unless I was actually puking, had I been so into the whole TM teacher thing that I
actually became a teacher and went on big courses in other countries, I would have
endured a bit more than a bit of stressful scents in order to visit with MMY.

Of course, I once hitch-hiked 40 miles through backroads in England in order to listen to

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