--Right, Charlie wasn't interested in the Sidhis "crap".  The
question is, what's right for YOU?
Try the following program, and you will see noticeable benefits in
30 days:
1. Practice TM
2. Take one tablet of Vinpocetine sublingual before meditation.
(warning - be careful if you are taking too many blood thinners).
3. Practice "Ramana Maharshi total immersion" - get all of the DVD's
and audio CD's from Arunachala.org.
Do the above and your meditations will get deeper and deeper and ....
> wrote:
> >
> > I heard that Charlie Lutes did not think the Sidhis were of much
> > but was sold out on plain TM. Is there any research which
> > differentiates results based on Sidhis versus TM alone?
> >
> I don't do the siddhis regularly. Just out of curiousity
> I tried the naasikaantarmadhyasaMyama mentioned in the
> second last of the (tantric) Shiva-suutras. After doing
> it for a while I noticed that the first siddhi-suutras (F,
> C, H, SoE[?; I have them in my own language, LOL!]...) started
> being more "effective" than before. Actually, PVTM, apart from
> "causing" the fourth praaNaayaama (caturthaH praaNaayaamaH) tends
> to make me feel somewhat dysthymic, but the naasika and
> siddhis often make me feel better in that respect (I hope
> that makes some sense. I'm struggling to find some
> meaningful expressions...)

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