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> > > And my sin was even bigger. I refused to see MMY when the course
> was
> > > over, because I could not stand the smell and the whole atmosphere.
> > > A very bad thing to do, I was told.
> > > Ingegerd
> >
> > The smell and atmosphere around MMY? He was always surrounded by
> flowers.
> > How could you not have liked the smell?
> It was the smell in the building - the whole atmosphere with all the
> sick people. I am sure MMY was surrounded by flowers, but that was not
> in my mind.

That you were more concerned with the negative then with the positive says something
about where YOU were coming from. Perhaps this was a result of unstressing due to  the
course, or perhaps you simply were coming to a realization that the TMO wasn't for you,
or some combinaion of the two.

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