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> > > But I could never tell where the line was with MMY: was this all
> > > just an analogy or was it describing the reality?
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> > It's not an anology for MMY or Hagelin either. Perhaps it was for
> >Domash. Maybe that's 
> > what I had in mind when I said he didn't buy the Consciousness = QM
> >thing.
> Its an interesting transition in the TMO history. From scientific
> analogies to equivalence to advocacy.
> Dr Melvin proposed some interesting parallels.
> Domash provided detailed analogies but balked at stating them as
> equivalent.
> As physics theory evolved, (some say) Haiglin proposed analogies
> between string theory and consciousness, MMY said,"Equivalence",
> Haiglin said, "um.... OK"

AFTER discussing the idea in-depth with MMY, he said he was convinced simply by the
depth of the equivalences that were pointed out. That is NOT the same as "scientific
'proof'" however, and Hagelin may have felt uneasy over touting it that way, even if he
personally is convinced.

> MMY said "the vedas and devas are embedded and structure the
> physiology". Tony didn't miss a beat and said "Yes!!, Here, and here
> and here".

It's an interesting idea: that the Vedic archtypes (the devas) that are held to have both
physical and mental equivalents are so accurate, at least for humans, that you can point
out the brain structures that support a given archtype in the human brain.

As a general idea, it's not far from what neuro-scientists in general believe: there's plenty
of discussion in the scientific literature about which brain structure supports which
mental/emotional function. As a claim of 100% accuracy ala Hagelin's claims about what
MMY showed him concerning Physics and the Veda? I don't have the background to
evaluate things at that level --few people do since it requires advanced knowledge of a
scientific field like Physics or neuroscience as well as some strong familiarity with the
details of the Vedic world view.

> Tony became king of the world.

If his book turns out to be correct, at least in some of the details, he just might be worthy.

I mean, imagine the medical utility of being able to reliably chose a piece of vedic music as 
valid  therapy for a given illness merely because vedic tradition holds that said music is
pleasing to a given deva or devas, as a for instance...

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