Title: Jonathan Schwamm's Progress
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Subject: Jonathan's progress

Dear Everyone,

Jonathan is improving. By Friday afternoon the hospital had managed to get
Jonathan's heart rate stabalized by heavily sedating him. His heart was
racing at 190 beats per minute.  He was unconscious all of Friday due to the
sedation and also had to be put on a respirator to breathe.

Saturday morning they took him off the sedation and his heart has remained
stable since.  He is now awake, off the respirator since this morning
(Sunday) and can talk a little bit.  But he is exhausted and has no memory
of what happened since he arrived at the hospital. The doctors are still
trying to find the cause of his problem, basically they are baffled.

What seemed to happen is that the ventrical (lower) part of his heart was
taking over the job of sending the impulses to cause the heart to contract
and pump - but normally it is the atrium part of the heart (upper) that does
this job.  The impulses coming out of his ventrical were wild and erratic.  
Also, part of his heart has taken on an extra electrical pattern and can
kind of take over - sending out more impulses causing the heart to race.  
Again, they have no idea why this happens.  They feel it is not a
complication of his heart operation a few months back where he had a Mitral
Valve Repair.  When he arrived in the hospital he was very low in minerals
and was basically in acidosis.   At one point on Friday morning his heart
actally stopped and it took them 12 times with electroshock to get him back.

It seems Friday was the most critical time for him and we feel that Jonathan
was able to turn the corner due to all of your attention, love, support, and
healing prayers which was deeply felt. Anne Marie wants you all to know how
thankful she is, and how it really soothed her spirits as she was trying to
get back to the U.S  As she was travelling she fell into a state of deep
trust knowing that Jonathan was being cared for energetically by all of
their  dear friends.  It was very soothing to her heart  - especially since
she was not able to be with him.  (She arrived in the hospital last night
around 9:00.)

As it stands now, the doctors have three solutions - 2 of which would
involve an operation and 1 would involve medication.  They need to get  him
stronger and wait and see before they and Jonathan decide which route to

In the meantime, any healing energy and love we can continue to send his
way, will be greatly appreciated.

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