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> >  > And yet, organic food now makes up a huge percentage of all  grocery
> > sales...
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> > Are you implying that hagelin's  campaigns are somehow responsible for
> > the growth of the organic foods  industry?
> >
> No, but that Hagelin anticipated an important issue  in American life.
> Some how, I don't think eating organic is an important issue  in American
> life. I think the average person may pick up fresh foods with the  organic label
> if given a choice in their favorite super market, if it doesn't  cost that
> much more. But few people will drive out of the way to find organic  foods or
> demand that choice at their local  grocer.

The market growth rate for food in the USA is about 2-3% per year. The market growth
rate for organic food is 15-20% per year for the past 15 years and is showing no signs of
slowing. In fact, Wal-Mart recently announced that they were going to provide an organic
food section in their stores.

A recent market-research article on organic foods says that the *lack* of organic growers
in the USA is keeping the growth in organic food sales slower than it would otherwise be,
and even the US military's commisaries are now offering a selection of 250 organic
products with more to come.

BTW, the controversy about Starlink genetically engineered corn appearing in Taco Bell
tacos was due to testing by Dr. Fagan's company in Fairfield. The TMO has been a part of
the anti-GE/pro-organic food push for many years. Fagan's decision to bow out of GE
research made national news about 15 years ago.

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