The other day, after telling me for the umpteenth time to go "take
your medications, Shemp", I posted in response to Judy Stein:

"Go home and get your shine box".

This line is from "Goodfellas" and is what Billy Batts (played by
Frank Vincent) says to Tommy De Vito (Joe Pesci) during their
confrontation at Henry Hill's (Ray Liotta) bar.  Batts had just come
out of prison and was "breaking Tommy's balls" by reminding him that
he had come a long way from when he was a kid and used to shine
shoes.  Tommy didn't like Batts' tone and told him so.  Batts
protested that he was only kidding but when push came to shove, he
got nasty and told Tommy to "go home and get your fucking shine

Of course, Tommy came back later and whacked Batts.

I wrote the "shine box" line in response to Judy's repeated insult
because that is how Judy came across to me: a confrontational bully
who is always looking for a fight...even when there is no reason for
a fight.

So that is my new nickname for Judy: Billie Batts.  My concession to
her is that I have feminized "Billy" to "Billie".

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