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> > > Seeing things as they are, and not being able to open one's
> heart
> > > will create a very lonely person. It is as if the intellect is
> > > nearly transparent, and yet because the heart's love has not
> > > become universal, the ego usurps the intellect for itself,
> making
> > > unfavorable comparisons of nearly everything and everyone to
> itself.
> >
> > Just a thought: When a person sees someone or something
> > very important to them constantly rather cruelly and
> > thoughtlessly mocked and demeaned, it does hurt them
> > right in the heart.
> >
> > How they respond to that pain is another issue, but it
> > doesn't really make sense to suggest that their heart
> > isn't open.  It has opened at least to the person or
> > thing that is being attacked, which is why it's so
> > painful.
> So when Barry "mocks" and "demeans" (at least from your point of
> view) TM, MMY and other things both real and conceptually that are
> important to you and he does it in a cruel and thoughtless way,
> does it hurt you in the heart?

Not when Barry does it, no.

> If your answer is "no", does that mean that your heart isn't open
> to him?

I don't think you quite got what I was saying.  Please
read the paragraph you quoted from my post again.

> If "yes", does that mean it was?

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