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> > Of course, MAPI products are all supposedly made in the
> > traditional way,
> What's "the traditional way"?  Mixing the spices clockwise instead
> of counter-clockwise?

Harvested by hand, at certain times of the day, etc.  Very labor-instensive in other words.

> Or perhaps its how I saw TrigunaJi's teenage apprentice mix the
> concoctions that I bought at his outdoor "clinic" in Dehli: lay down
> a bunch of squares cut from the Times of India newspaper, take jars
> of dirt (or whatever it is he put in his mixtures) and spill them
> out over the newspaper squares,  and then fold up the pieces of
> newspaper into little packets (which I was then told to take with a
> glass of water each day).

I'd worry about the content of the ink in the newsprint, and whether or not he'd washed
his hands. That's a consideration for MAPI-sourced herbs as well, of course...

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