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> Now with the advent of Amazon (plus e-books, and MP3 versions
> distributed over the web), the huge wall of and distribution --
> and to some extent marketing -- has been reduced to scalable size.
> With this, I have wondered why there is not a larger move to self-
> publishing.

The move to self-publishing is *huge*.  Also on the rise
is independent publishing, i.e., smaller publishers not
owned by larger companies.  Some have been formed to
publish and market a single book, often written by the
publisher, so the line between independent publishers
and self-publishers can get a bit fuzzy.

Take a look at the Web site of the Publishers Marketing
Association, a nonprofit association of independent
publishers, for more on this endeavor:


Michael--you could become a member of PMA if you were
interested.  Costs $109 a year and worth every penny
for the support and advice and expertise.

(Full disclosure: I copy edit PMA's newsletter.)

> Any thoughts other obstacles, and how technolgy, social nets, etc.
> may reduce them as barriers?

One thing you haven't mentioned is Web sites promoting
self-published books.  This is another growing trend.
In many cases the book is sold through the Web site, as
I assume Michael is planning to do.

The marketing efforts of self- and independent
publishers are quite ingenious, taking advantage
of many avenues mainstream publishers don't
generally bother with.

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