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> blissbunn1 writes snipped:
> Whoever  asked about how many meditators, siddha's, teachers yadda
> yadda had abusive childhoods is on to a very illuminating thesis.
> Do you think a study like that could be included in the collected
> research on TM?
> Tom T:
> From my 12 year experience in Alanon 12 step it would appear to me
> that virtualy all of us were attracted to the movement because of
> our
> abusive backgrounds. Not only were most of us that way but it would
> appear from my 7 year residency here that the unhealthiest of us
> ended
> up moving to FF to get to the bottom of our issues. It would never
> fly as research on campus but you don't have to talk to very many
> people to realize that we all came with a heavy load of karma. \

'Way too much self importance here for me.

I never had the least hint of an abusive life. I think
the person who originally postulated that theory got
it *backwards*. People are drawn to TM and movements
like it because they're *used* to them, but not from
this life.

That is, they've paid their dues in so many monastic,
reclusive spiritual communities over the incarnations
that the first time one appears in one's current life-
time one tends to glom onto it, thinking it will be
like the communities one hazily remembers from previous
lives. Sigh...obviously t'ain't always so.

Then again, maybe all those lives in Asian monastic
communities weren't nearly as problem-free as we like
to tell ourselves, either.

Anyway, I just had to go on record as saying that for
once I completely disagree with Tom T. That's so rare
it deserved a post. :-)

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