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> > Life 'downloads' all sorts of stuff in our direction.
> > But we don't have to open a port to it. And if we
> > already have, at some point in our lives, all we
> > have to do is open another port and let it flow right
> > out again, without a lot of diggin' in the dirt. Just
> > my opinion...
> Principle of the second element: turn on the light to remove the darkness.
> Tom and Mark are pointing out that the lives of those in FF who have been
> meditating for decades suggest that this approach alone is inadequate. Maybe
> a little digging is in order. Not mud-wallowing, but some compassionate,
> honest examination of things which we might prefer to keep buried.

MMY provides that "digging" in the form of new and ever more grand projects that people
can choose to participate in. From the physiological perspective, this provides new
activities to test and stabilize one's establishment in Being, which, in MMY's eyes, is all
that is needed to establish CC (that and regular TM practice of course).

People who choose to ignore these projects in favor of having a life may be showing their
growth in their own way, but people who avoid participating in the projects while
denouncing them show a certain level of addiction, I think.

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