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> > [It is useful to be] constantly being open to new data and new
> > concepts. For
> > example, maybe we often skip a poster which our theory predicts
> > waste our time. BUT, my point of the orignal post was, when we
> > occaisionally read the post, do so with an open, fresh mind, like
> > just met them, not be tied to the past and your prior evaluations
> > them, and see if what they write today, the words in themselves,
> > the CURRENT post, have any value.
> For example, if we have the view in our mind, prior to even reading
> a post, is that, "This poster is full of Sh*t. They only post BS,
> play games, distort and swims in logical fallacies." then guess
> what we will find in almost any post they make: i) BS, ii) games,
> iii) distortions, and iv) logical fallacies. The search for such
> often overwhelms any points of merit in the post.
> My suggestion is to simply turn off the voices of past theories and
> hypotheses about the poster, and ones apprasial of their motives,
> and simply read their words without any prejedice -- aka pre-
> judgement.

I think I'm pretty good at that, actually.  In my
experience, no poster (here or elsewhere) is *always*
full of shit, etc.  I'm more often disappointed to
*find* the same old shit, etc., in a post than surprised
to find something of value in the post--i.e., finding
something of value in a post from someone with whom I'm
frequently in conflict doesn't surprise me, from which
I conclude that I'm not *expecting* to find the same
old shit.  And when I do, it's a disappointment rather
than a fulfillment of expectations.

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