Remember a while back when the subject of the TV series
'Lost' came up here? Several people, as I remember, seemed
intrigued by the review I posted from Tricycle and said
they might try to catch the series.

Well I'm gonna have to 'fess up. Since then I've watched
the whole first season a second time, and have pirated
all of the second season's shows I can find on the Internet
(it's not been broadcast on French TV yet). It's a real
addiction, lemme tell you.

So -- just as a possible conversation starter with no
philosophical or religious baggage -- is there anybody
else out there who is also a Lost junkie, and would like
to talk about it?

We could...dare I say through it here together.  :-)

   Unc:   Hi. My name is Unc and I'm a Lost addict.
   Group: Hi, Unc. We're all Lost addicts, too.

Seriously, if you've watched the series, isn't it a trip?
For an American network (abc) production, especially. If
you watch it, do you have a favorite character so far?
Mine's Hurley.  :-)

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