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>>>> I
>>>> have several friends who Awakened recently, and they say that soon
>>>> thereafter, the shit hit the fan. They began feeling guilt and other
>>>> emotions that needed dealing with a thousand times more intensely than
>>>> before their awakening. Maybe that's in store for me. Maybe not.
>>> Stay >tuned.
>>> And possibly their use of the label "awakening" refers to something
>>> different than how (some) others  may understand the attributes and
>>> "state" associated with that label.
>> Possibly, but I'm using it in the usual sense: Self-Realization
> Except, of course, that term comes from Maslow, who used it in an entirely
> different way
> than people with a yoga background do.

No, his term was Self Actualization. Most people on this forum share a
common definition of Self Realization.

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