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> Yes and I use a C-pap. Formally diagnosed with a sleep test in  a
> hospital. Lack of quality sleep at night causes you to fall asleep
> easily when  sitting down and relaxed during the rest of the  day.

You're still not getting quality sleep even with the C-pap?

Otherwise I'd wonder if you weren't making up for the
sleep deprivation that occurred before you got the
C-pap, and that eventually you'd be less likely to
fall asleep while meditating.

On the other hand, if you're still not getting quality
sleep, maybe it would be a good thing to make up for
some of it during your meditation periods?
Actually I do get better quality sleep with the C-pap and sleep longer also. Meditation now has improved somewhat but I definitely can not really "let go" in a morning meditation on a work day for fear of falling asleep for an hour or more and being late for work and If I fell asleep during an evening meditation for an hour or two, I wouldn't be able to get to sleep on time to have a full nights sleep. Retirement is coming soon and I'll be able to let go and sleep as much as I need to in or out of meditation and hopefully resolve the fatigue factor. It's that old " I'll do it when I retire" thing Indians always  say. Now I know where they are coming from.

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