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> > I spoke to Fred yesterday. If I can figure out how, I may be helping
> to produce 3D
> > animated models of brain activity during transcending during TM based
> on the EEG and
> > other data they have at MUM. Will be a lot of fun if all goes well.
> Cool!  Do keep us posted.

Will do. The most trivial way to do it should be pretty straight forward: just take the EEG
data and instead of drawing lines on a top-down image of the brain between the various
EEG electrode points, draw them along the surface of a generic 3D brain model between
the points. I think most 3D modeling packages have built-in routines to calculate paths
like this. I saw a presentation on TM and ADHD of one of the  2D projections that included
color and intensity information to define the power and coherence (I think), with a
separate diagram for each frequency. It should be easy enough to do the same with the 3D

More complicated strategies exist that try to actually recreate a model of the brain activity
based on the EEG info. They call it inverse EEG modeling and its HARD, and mathematically
impossible to guarantee an accurate model. I'll probably stay away from that kind of thing
unless they actually HIRE me to do the images rather than just play around for free since
the math looks like its 2-3 years beyond what I currently know.

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