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>> I seem to recall one of Krishna's criteria for a true
>> yogii/yoginii is that s/he is "jitendri-yaH/-yaa"
>> (jita + indriya-). I guess that means that one has
>> to have conquered the indriyas. I think johnson
>> is one of the karmendriyas (karma + indriyas), so if one
>>  is not able to spank the monkey, and so on.... :0
> And I have seen Urdhva-retas (sp)  mentioned on for accomplished (aka
> awakened) yogis-- "energy always flowing upwards". I suspect that
> accomplished yogis can keep the energy always flowing upwards while
> having sex. Something students can't do. Thus the recommendation /
> stipulation of celibacy for students.
> The article(s) on Muktananda provided some fuel for speculation in
> this direction -- that is, yogi sex is not what most people think of
> as sex. That is, he had sex with a flacid penis.

But another well-known guru allegedly didn't, and also allegedly ejaculated.
Can you ejaculate and yet have the energy always flowing upwards? I honestly
don't know. Just asking.

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